PRISM CONSULTANT is not just a name, we pride on our ability to provide a whole host of service to our clients leading them to imprint their names on the market they operate in.


5987+ Logos Created for 40+ Industries

PRISM CONSULTANT offers its clients high-quality web development services, services which shall allow our clients to stand tall amongst the competition. Along with providing web development services our qualified panel of developers also provide a complete spectrum of web application services

  • Corporate Website development
  • E-Commerce website development
  • Web Application Development
  • 2D Logo design and development
  • 3D Logo design and development
  • Animated Logo Design Development


5987+ Logos Created for 40+ Industries

Our web designers at PRISM CONSULTANT are amongst some of the most technically gifted experts in Pakistan. A unique set of skills imbedded with the determination to succeed, PRISM CONSULTANT has hosted many satisfied clients through the provision of website designing services.

  • HTML
  • Jqery
  • CSS


5987+ Logos Created for 40+ Industries

Many people perceive that promotional activities create awareness, whilst this may be true to a certain extent; it is in fact the presence of brand that enables an organization to achieve success. True to the notion, our brand experts are equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure the delivery of a unique brand, a brand that inspires and awakens awe amongst the viewers.

  • Brand Design
  • Brand Re-design
  • Brand Logo


5987+ Logos Created for 40+ Industries

PRISM CONSULTANT houses expert animators and professionals who are solely designated to the idea of creating unique imagery and bringing animations to life. Our professional animators have worked alongside some of the biggest media houses in Pakistan and have delivered exceptional results.

  • Storyboarding and Scripting
  • Voice Recording
  • Visual Enhancement
  • Audio Editing


5987+ Logos Created for 40+ Industries

The 21st century has been recognized as the age of social media. Such has been the allure of social media that multiple organizations are now utilizing its benefits. Therefore, in order to serve our clients to the fullest, PRISM CONSULTANT employees a dedicated and creative social media design team who is responsible to deliver new and unique social media campaigns

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Short term Social Media designs
  • Continuous Social Media designs